EdlyOutcomes I

Principal Protected
A professionally managed account selecting top students in top majors attending top schools with principal protection.


Unlike single investments, managed account portfolios allow us to minimize downside risk more so than before.

Monthly Cash Flows

Investors receive distributions on a monthly basis with a target yield of 8%

Short Maturity

Edly targets 4-year duration and seeks to return all investor money within 5 years.

Reporting & Monitoring

Edly makes distribution and performance reporting available each month so that investors can monitor ongoing performance of pools in their portfolio.

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8% Target Yield

Principal protection Investor principal protected by US Government bonds.

4 Year Expected Maturity

Hand-selected school types Focus on Technology, Nursing, Business, and Industrial Vocational.

Backed by assets All Edly investments are backed by ISA contracts.

Invest as little as $10,000

How investing with EdlyOutcomes I works.

Edly seeks investments in future student incomes via Income Share Agreements (“ISAs”) which we believe are likely to produce high risk-adjusted returns for investors, while also providing access to education for promising students.


Edly finds schools

Edly’s schools want to offer students an alternative to loans.


Students sign up

Students get tuition paid by Edly and agree to pay a percentage of their future earnings.


Edly creates a portfolio

Edly creates a diversified portfolio for investors.


Students pay monthly

Students pay a percentage of their income for a period of time.