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ValueWalk’s ValueTalks Podcast –Investing in Income Share Agreements

ValueWalk‘s Raul Jordan Panganiban discusses the social, economic and financial impact of investing in ISAs with edly ISA marketplace President Charles Trafton

The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Investing in Education (#685)

The future of student loan debt  may have a solution and we discuss with our guest, Charles Trafton, President of Edly.

Barry Ritholtz Interviews Chuck Trafton, Co-founder and President of Edly | The ISA Marketplace

Renown wealth manager Barry Ritholtz explores the world of ISAs and investments in student success with Edly President Chuck Trafton. Find the Ritholtz “The Big Picture” page here.

Edly ISA’s – Invest in Student


On this edition of Talk Your Book, Ben Carlson and Michael Batnick spoke with Edly co-founders Chris Ricciardi and Chuck Trafton about income share agreements, the student loan crisis and how to invest in the wages of college graduates.

Funding College Tuition Without Loans (With Edly)

Chris Ricciardi & Chuck Trafton are the co-founders of Edly – the ISA Marketplace that allows its investors to earn monthly income while supporting students. Their company allows investors to invest in the education of students and get paid a percentage of the students’ future earnings.

We’ll talk all about how this ISA (Income Share Arrangement) relationship works as well as ask Chris & Chuck to share exactly how Edly is uniquely positioned to optimize results for both their investors and the students they invest in.

Leveling the Playing Field with ISAs

It’s time to tell the story of how ISAs level the playing field for students.On the 8th episode of the Skill Podcast, Micah shares a conversation with Chuck Trafton, Co-Founder and President of Edly – The ISA Marketplace. Edly connects accredited investors to skill academies, coding bootcamps, and colleges that are providing ISAs to students for financing their educational goals. Chuck and Micah discuss the ISA landscape in depth, and uncover the fact that ISAs are not only an innovation in student financing, but a vehicle to enable untapped student groups to access educational opportunities, even if they don’t have strong credit histories or wealthy parents.

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The $1.5 Trillion Question: How to Fix Student-Loan Debt? (Ep. 377)

As the cost of college skyrocketed, it created a debt burden that’s putting a drag on the economy. One possible solution: shifting the risk of debt away from students and onto investors looking for a cut of the graduates’ earning power.